Welcome to VAPE MONKEY SHARJAH, the UAE’s largest online vape store and supplier. Our mission is to provide you with the best quality e-liquids and vape hardware at the best possible prices.

Are you exploring the idea of making the switch from tobacco to vaping? Or are you a hardcore vaper, ready to build your own coils and chase clouds? Regardless of who you are, Vape Sharjah’s online vape shop has the right product for you.



Introduction to Vape Sharjah UAE

Welcome to Vape Sharjah, the most iconic trendsetter renowned in the vaping community of Sharjah. We cater to our clients a plethora of vaping devices and e-juices concocted with the latest innovations, finesse, and user-friendliness. With the cutting-edge tech and ambrosial e-juices, we have etched our presence as the finest vape shop in Sharjah, UAE. Our products are manufactured based on the valuable insights of our customers that we have gained through years of experience in the vaping industry. 

The most desirable products at our Vape Shop in Sharjah

Quality management is the key, and we have always maintained an A-level attitude and service in providing the consumers with handpicked and certified vaping products. For the very reasons we have no scarcity of customers because once you have had a direct experience with our products, this relation remains for life. The range and sophistication of our vape products are sure to lead you into a shopping frenzy through our different categories. Experts who closely observe the vaping industry will be quick to point out our specialty in constantly upgrading the stock with exceptional vaping devices and e-juices. Choose any categories from our list and, you could effortlessly figure out that we only provide the most outstanding products to our consumers. Our vaping products are creating a ripple in the vaping community because of the varied number of vape accessories and juices available in one location for mind-blowing and competent prices.

UAE vape collection in our Arsenal

We constantly make sure that our credibility and reputation are intact by supplying only the most authentic vape products. The products are available to vapers who are both novice and expert. 

For novices

As a newbie who is planning for a smooth transition from cigarette smoking to vaping, it is best to start your vaping journey by opting for a low-powered disposable vape pods. They are very economical, and you will have a good insight as an amateur. 

For professionals

As for the pro-vapers, a huge assortment of high-powered tanks and mods are easily available. These devices are high-powered devices that produce thick clouds of flavorful smoke. 


People who are constantly experimenting with different e-juices have hit a goldmine through Vape Sharjah since we provide 50+ brands with each brand serving a multitude of variant e juice flavours.

Salt nic

The purest form of nicotine extracts from the tobacco leaf, also known as nicotine salt is also available in our salt nic section. We provide over 30+ salt-nic brands for quantities ranging from 20mg to 50mg with more than 80+ fabulous flavors.

Bundle packs

We also supply various bundle packages from toppest brands like JUUL ,MYLE  and Stig coming in discounted prices.

Vape kits

Our ultimate show stoppers are the kits that showcase a dozen of quality brands with varying specifications that include single , dual and also built-in batteries and brings the absolute performance with every hit.

Vape Accessories

And above all, to maintain a thorough and enjoyable vaping experience, we require the smooth functioning of vape devices. Over time the wear and tear of such devices can be fixed by changing the accessories at regular intervals of time. The immense range of accessories that we provide includes batteries, coils, power banks, wires, cotton, lanyards, cases, drip tips, and glasses. All of these accessories are essential parts that play an integral part in the overall operation of vape devices.

The uniqueness of Vape Sharjah

Throughout our journey, the main unique selling proposition(USP) of our company is the constant supply of high-caliber products with remarkable designs and performance and our optimal effort to lessen the burden of our customers with easy navigation and purchase of products. These traits may sound simple, but the time and effort we have invested in upholding these traits were immense through sheer hard work and ingenuity. These are the reasons why Vape Sharjah is more than just a vape store. We are an incredible establishment that oversees the complete satisfaction of our customers.