What Wattage should you vape at ? – Ideal Wattage for vaping

Best Wattage for Vape

The amount of power used by the Vape is called the Vape Wattage. An adjustment in Vape Wattage involves an alteration in the temperature generated in the atomizer while the vape is being heated.

If you are here to know at what wattage you should vape at, the fact is there is no exact answer to this question. But here we provide a guide to choose the best wattage for a perfect vaping experience.

Regardless of the type of the tank, best performance of the majority of vapes occurs between 80 W and 100W. But this is not necessary for a good vaping experience. Higher power may burn out your coil and reduce the battery life.  

The ideal way to handle your mod is always a low and steady wattage. The low wattage range also ensures to blow wild clouds and present the best flavours. At this wattage, both the coil and e-juice would last long thus saving money on the coil and flavours.

The same applies to Vape temperature control. Almost every mod allows vapers to set to their preferred temperature. However, setting a mod to higher temperature can sometimes burn the atomizer.

Vape Wattage

How does the Vape Wattage affect the Device?

Temperature adjustments may fine tune the vapers to a desired preferences and tastes. To get a satisfying experience from vaping, the power should be set up in such a way that the delivery of flavor, production of vapor and throat hit are balanced.

For flavours like tobacco, coffee and chocolate, the taste enhances with a higher wattage. In contradiction, for fruity flavours like peach and blueberry, the best vaping experience is achieved at a lower temperature.

How to choose an Ideal Wattage?

The wattage you choose depends on the vape flavor you have and the type of experience you are looking for.  A majority of cig a like vapes are designed and mounted in such a way that they mimic an ordinary cigarette and are preset with low power of 7- 15 watts. But since vapes with a power of 200 Watts are available in the market, 7- 15 watts is considered to be a very low power. But wattages as low as 10 W are enough to deliver a satisfying vape experience. Fruity flavors like peach and blueberry are tastier when vaped at a lower temperature.

Vaping becomes more exciting when the power is being increased to 40 to 50 watts. At this range we can easily differentiate the subtleties in vape flavors. A dense vapor and throat hit is experienced at this power. This is an ideal power for tobacco, chocolate and coffee flavors.

Majority of the mid range vaporizers are designed to operate at a level of 50W to 75W, because this is the level which advanced vapers love. Manual adjustments for wattage and temperature settings to experience the best vape experience can be done in these vaporizers.

But if you are fond of cloud chasing, smoke rings and stuff like that, a higher wattage would do the work. Higher the wattage, denser would be the smoke. An increase in the wattage improves the flavor delivery thus resulting in a need for more flavor input.

Know the technology of your device!

For the vapers who love to experiment with a variety of flavours, wattage adjustment is the key to unlock the best experience in each.  In addition, the resistance of the coil varies between 0.1 and 3.0 ohms. Wattage requirements for the best performance of each coil differ. Sub-ohms are vapes operating below 1.0Ω (ohm). Different types of sub ohms operating at different voltages are available, but with an identical mechanism. For a particular current, when the resistance increases, voltage increases which in turn increases the wattage. For 2 Ω resistance vapes, ideal voltage ranges from 3.3 V to 4.0 V.


A high voltage setting can be established in a higher resistancce vape coil. These are characterized by less vapor production at low temperature. Thus, you can choose the vape to satisfy your palate.

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