A Guide to Proper Care and Maintanence of Vaping Equipments

Vape maintanence

Vape Care and Maintanence

All equipment and accessories of the vaping device are equally crucial in realizing a full-fledged vaping experience. And, although vaping is seemingly an easy process, there is a certain vaping maintenance process, that needs to be done to experience a flawless vaping session each and every time. A flawless experience entails perceiving the actual flavour of the e-juice, optimal performance of the vape device and also the vapour production. Just as every other functional equipment need a proper maintenance regimen, vaping equipment also needs a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance routine. Let us now explore the quintessential equipment needed for vaping and discover the proper cleaning and maintenance procedures to enhance our vaping experience.

E juice maintanence

E-juice or vape juice is undoubtedly the elixir of vaping. It is an inseparable part of all formats of vaping around the world and entices the user with a variety of exquisite flavours. Therefore, e-juice maintenance should be a top priority among vapers who intend to perceive an exceptional vaping session. There are certain key areas that we have to focus on during the maintenance of vape juices.

Storage Of E-juices

Ardent vape freaks will certainly vouch for the fact that maintenance of e-juices will reward the user leaps and bounds in the future. Although cheaper in rate as compared to vape devices, e-juices are a valuable commodity that needs to be regularly purchased for enjoying an uninterrupted vaping session. So, it is wise to store them in a risk-free environment and secure them comprehensively to use them as needed and without recklessly squandering away your money.

Follow these Steps For The Longevity Of Your E-juice

  1. Store your vape juice in a dark storage location, as the exposure of these flavourful liquids to the sunlight, can cause certain reactions at the molecular level. This might result in variation in the taste, aroma or intensity of the flavour.
  1. This is a golden tip that is not followed by a majority of vapers around the world. All you have to do is tighten the cap/top/lid of the e-juice container to prevent oxidation. When the bottle is not tightened enough, nicotine will start to engage in a chemical process called oxidation Or in other words breaking down of the nicotine molecules inside the container. So, ensure that you tighten the container thoroughly after use.
  1. Similar to light, heat also plays a huge role in the quality of the e-liquid. Frequent exposure to heat and sunlight can deteriorate the quality of vape juice. So, keep the e-juice container away from sunlight.

Vape Tank Maintenance 

An equally important part to upkeep the quality of vaping equipment lies in the functionality of the tank and a proper Vape Tank maintenance regimen has to be followed. They have to be thoroughly cleaned once in a couple of weeks to regain peak performance. It can also be cleaned whenever you experience any unusual flavour such as a burnt or nauseating flavour. You can disintegrate the tank and perform a thorough clean up that includes changing the burnt coil, removing the gunk or residues of the e-juices etc. People also prefer to use vinegar or vodka for a comprehensive cleaning process. At the end of the procedure make sure to wipe the equipment dry and prevent any unwanted moisture inside the tank device. 

Rebuildables Maintenance

Reubildable devices are usually used by vapers who prefer a tailored vaping experience. These dynamic tanks can that are capable of generating the desired intensity of flavours are integrated with a customized coil and wicking material. These two components play a pivotal role in rebuildable maintenance and should be frequently examined to ensure maximum performance.

Box Mod Maintenance

An easy and yet sometimes difficult thing to remember during Box mod maintenance is to ensure that the box mods do not get dropped. The impact caused by the fall can threaten the intricate connections inside the Box mods. Moreover, the body will also be susceptible to potential leaks caused by the shock. So, avoid a drop at all costs and enjoy an incredible vaping session.


All these prominent tips are in no way equal to your attention and passion for your vaping equipment. And at the end of the day, the way you take care of the devices will eliminate any sort of issues and ultimately ripple back to you to ensure a rewarding vaping session.

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