Stealth Vaping Techniques and Guide to Zero Vaping

Stealth Vaping

Although E-cigarettes are a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking, it is still frowned upon by the general public. And for this very reason, vapers tend to typically stealth vape when they are outside. Stealth vaping is a very common phenomenon in the world, but you rarely catch someone doing it. And that’s because the covert ways in which people vape, make it less visible. The crowd rarely notices someone stealth vaping unless you are a rookie stealth vaper.

So how do you actually stealth vape?

  It’s a technique that is not easy to perform for beginners and requires a certain amount of practice and nerve. Lets now breakdown the techniques:

*It is highly recommended to buy a small vaping device that is portable like a pod vape or any disposable vape variants. The reason for using these types of devices is to remain low profile and avoid unnecessary attention. Not just that, the vapor these little vape devices emit is comparatively less than many other vape devices. There is no need to worry about the size of the device as most of them have a capacity of over 300 puffs.

* Now make sure to draw short puffs through the mouth for a few seconds. Don’t overdo the intake as long puffs can have an adverse reaction on your exhale, making you vulnerable to detection by the onlookers. Do not underestimate the low-powered vape devices, as long-drawn puffs from them can produce a significant amount of smoke clouds which leads to aggressive coughing and uneasiness. Your cover gets blown up due to unwanted long-drawn puffs which can be brought to the attention of the authorities.

* A very common aspect of these vape devices is the sound and light at the end of the device. The light can be a secrecy deterrent and compromise the activity. If the device has regulators, then lower the sound and also cover the light with your pinky or ring finger. What we require is total concealment of the device and the practice.

Can Apartments tell if you vape?

It is anyone’s legal right to smoke inside the safety of your house but when it comes to apartments, there are a few regulations that we have to follow. That being said the smell of vaping is comparatively lower than standard cigarettes and is barely noticeable unless a strongly flavored e-juice is used.

Can you figure out if someone is Vaping?

The vapors emitting from your mouth are visible to the naked eye although barely. And a subtle aroma can be felt and only the onlookers who themselves are vapers can make out if someone is vaping.

What do you exhale when vaping?

The vapor or cloud from the vaping device is exhaled after inhalation by the vaper. These vapors are either made from Vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol.

Does vaping leave an odor?

Vaping does not produce any unwanted offensive odors although a pleasant smell from the different types of E-juices can be felt according to the intensity and potency of the juices.

Does vape smoke disappear?

The exhaled vaped air disappears almost immediately after exhalation. It doesn’t leave behind a trail of revolting smell unlike the cigarette smoke.

zero vaping

Zero vaping is a similar technique to that of stealth vaping with one significant difference, that there will be “zero exhalation” of vapor. Similar to that of stealth vaping, the vapor is inhaled in short puffs with the help of low-powered vaping devices.

So how to zero vape?

Zero vaping also requires the vaper to simulate a similar technique to that of stealth vaping. But differs in one unique step.

Lets breakdown the technique:

First of all, take a few deep breaths and clear your nasal and lung passage. After that discreetly inhale a short puff and a second take a deep inhale letting the short puff enter the lungs. Hold the inhale for a few seconds. Then with tightly closed lips, exhale the vapor-free air from your nose. Onlookers will not even have a faint doubt with your exhalation.

Although stealth vaping and zero vaping are harmless, they are prohibited in many places such as hospitals, public transportations, government institutions, schools, and also inside airplanes.

Vapers usually go stealth mode because of low acceptance by the public and these above-mentioned techniques are to be performed using personal discretion and common sense.

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