A Beginners Guide to Shortfill E-Liquids

Shortfill e liquids

The Magical Blend – Shortfill E liquids

You may have heard both hardcore or amateur vapers indulged in glorifying the advantages of Shortfill e-liquids. And also, you may have even realised that it is perhaps an important type of e-liquid that can transcend your vaping experience to another level. To gain more insight, it is best to explore this comprehensive guide and discover everything about Shortfill e-juices.

So, what are Shortfill e-juice?

Shortfill’s are partially filled e-liquid bottles that contain 80 per cent of e-juice and 20 per cent of empty space. These empty spaces(20%) are left for adding nicotine shot liquids into the vape juices to attain the desired strength of nicotine. Shortfill e-liquids are available in the market in sizes larger than the regular 10 ml e-juice bottle. Moreover, regular e-juice bottles are fused with nicotine, unlike Shortfill bottles. These large-sized Shortfill e-juice bottles can be exceptionally cost-effective and come in 50ml,100ml and 200ml capacities. The empty spaces in the e-juice containers will be filled up by the nicotine shots which then gets blended with the e-juice. This amalgamation dilutes the salt nics to the favourable level of intensity that you are familiar with.

The reason behind the invention & introduction of Shortfill e-liquid

A stringent directive regarding the regulation of tobacco and its corresponding products was laid down by The Tobacco Products Directive(TPD) in May 2016. This directive made was introduced to regulate the supply of tobacco and its by-products along with a plethora of other health regulations. It has also directed the vape shops to sell only the certified top-notch vape products, cigarettes and other similar products. The laws also ensured the ban on bottles containing 10ml or larger quantities of nicotine shots. Earlier, before the formation of the Tobacco Products Directive(TPD), most of the vapers used to purchase only larger quantities of nicotine filled e-juices and didn’t have to carry around multiple Short filled ones. As an alternative to these severe laws, the Shortfill bottles of e juices were introduced. This meant that larger bottles of nicotine-free e-juices were available in the market for vapers to customise their desired levels of nicotine levels. The introduction of Shortfill e-juices was an ingenious idea that revolutionised the vaping industry without violating any laws.

What Makes the Shortfill e-liquid different from regular E-liquids?

The most significant difference that makes Shortfill e-liquid unique from regular e-liquids is their ability to realise the desired nicotine strength according to the preference of the vaper. Once you purchase the flavour of your choice, you will be bestowed with a Shortfill(large bottle) that ranges from 50ml, 100ml or 200ml in capacity and small bottles(maximum of 1-5). These Shortfill e-liquids are filled with nicotine-free e-juices that would not be filled to the brim. This is to ensure that the remaining spaces are filled with 10ml of nic shots. Furthermore, these nic shots are infused into the Shortfill e-liquids according to the desired strength. You can regulate the intensity of the nicotine salts according to the number of bottles that are added.

Who Benefits The Most From Using The Shortfill E-liquid?

Well, it’s subjective, as the intensity of the e-liquid changes according to individual preference. It is certainly a cost-effective and convenient method to vape high amounts of e juice than to carry around a bunch of 10ml nicotine salts. Shortfill e-liquids offers an opportunity to vape throughout the day with a high amount of e-juice. And, although you infuse salt nics with Shortfill e-liquids, the strength of the salt nics does not exceed more than 6mg as they are still under the purview of the Tobacco Products Directive(TBD). This can be a downside for people familiar with vaping higher strengths of nicotine.

How to Prepare Shortfill E-Liquids

It is a hassle-free process to prepare Shortfill e-liquids, whether you are a novice or a professional. You can customise your nicotine strength by opening the large Shortfill bottle and filling in the nic shot inside the bottle. After filling, shake the bottle thoroughly, and add another bottle of nic shot, if you feel the need to increase the strength. Several vapers have doubted the efficacy of the flavours in Shortfill e-juice, and as a matter of fact, the Shortfill e-juices are formulated to offer a much intense range of flavouring.    

 Frankly, vaping with Shortfill e-liquids gives a much more comprehensive vaping experience which is also economically feasible for the vaper and gives total control over the strength of nicotine salts. It is truly a unique vaping experience that should not be missed.

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