The Complete Guide to Mechanical Vape Mods

Mechanical vape mods

Mechanical mods incorporate an advanced design that demands knowledge of ohm’s law, lithium-ion battery capability and safety, electrical conductivity and RDAs for expertise in vaping.

A Brief Description about Mechanical Mods

A mech mod is a simple yet technically advanced vape mod designed to deliver raw battery power to an atomizer. Unlike other mods, mech mods lack electronic regulations, safeguards or protection for the vaper. For technically-advanced vapers all-wise in the mechanism, mechanical mods allow a comprehensive degree of customization depending on the batteries and the build proportion of atomizer and materials used on the mech mods itself.

If you are new to vaping, you will not be as advanced to use a mech mod. Because these vape mods require high expertise and hence if you are a novice in vaping, we always recommend trying the other vape mods and becoming technically advanced; to later try the advanced mechanical mods. Improper use leads to battery venting and explosions. And we do not recommend using mechanical mods with sub tanks.

The Build of Mech Mods

With just a few parts, the build of mechanical mods is simple. Here is the list of the components of mech vape mods.

Battery Housing

The battery housing in mechanical mods is often available in metal tube form, although wooden or plastic mechanical mods are also available. The main difference between the two designs is that the former typically incorporates a single battery while the latter houses one or more cells.

Positive and Negative Contacts

The positive connection is on the top cap, the drip tip. On the other hand, the negative connection is on the bottom power button that is usually spring-loaded.

A Button or Switch

The button closes the electric circuit when switched on. Most tube mech mods have recessed buttons or built-in locks(for when not in use) to prevent accidental firing.

510 Connection

510 connection incorporates in the top cap of a tube mod or on top of the box mechanical mod.  It is threading designed to connect the atomizer to the mod electrically. An atomizer makes the male end while mod makes the female end of the 510 connection. There are positive copper or brass pins inside the threadings of both mod and atomizer. They contact each other for power delivery.

What is a Hybrid Mech Mod?

Warning: We recommend average users avoid hybrid mechanical mods for the mechanism is highly advanced. 

A hybrid mech mod is a mechanical metal tube mod with severe and inherent risks beyond the risk of typical mech mods. The main difference between them is that there is no insulated 510 contact in the top cap of the hybrid mech mod. The hybrid mod exhibits direct contact between the 510 pins of the atomizer and the positive terminal of the battery. It establishes quicker power delivery than a typical mechanical mod as the current travels through a less metal circumference.

Earlier, atomizer threadings of each brand were designed exclusively to work with the particular brand vape device. However, with the advanced evolution, the 510s are standardized and connect almost any brand atomizer with vape mod of any brand. However, the tragic effect is that even though, every atomizer fit with the mod, only a few works safely. The reason is that:

The negative ground metal threading of an atomizer 510 insulates from the positive pin inside it. However, the pin does not deviate much far from the threading. On the other hand, in every mod other than the hybrid mech mod, the pin could only touch the insulated positive pin of the mod; hence, it need not be stuck far from it. But, in hybrid mechanical mods, the negative threading of the atomizer has less clearance from the positive terminal of the battery. It results in chances of dead short from thermal runaway if they come in contact. This reason demands high mastery in using hybrid mech mods.

Is Mechanical Mod the Perfect Vape Mod?

Mechanical mod vapes represent an omniscient and proficient segment of the vape community and are not open to the “let’s learn” sector. If you are a novice to vaping or if you are a chain smoker who switched to vaping recently, we recommend you not commence the mech mod vape all at once. It needs years of expertise to be prowess in mechanical mods. Mechanical mods are ideal only for chain vapers who are a hobbyist in vaping.

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