How E cigarette works-choosing the right E cigarette

E cigarettes-workings and Safety

E-cigarettes are indisputably the best alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. It creates a risk-free transition for users to quit smoking. The craving to smoke is also satisfied with the use of e-cigarettes. Toppest companies in UAE like our Vape Sharjah shop are selling some of the best e-cigarettes in the online market due to the high demand from smokers who chose to tread a healthy and safer path.

E cigarettes functioning

Vaping is the term used to denote the usage of e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that come in varied shapes and sizes. They can be recharged with the help of a USB charger or with their respective charger.

The vape device typically consists of four parts that include:

Power source: Power source is usually a battery, with some having a capacity up to 3000mAh.

Mouthpiece: Mouth piece is used by the user to inhale the smoke.

Pod/Cartridge: Pod is a container that holds the concentrated liquid e-juice.

Atomizer: Atomizer is the heating element that vaporizes the e-juice.

E cigarette Working Temperature

Many variables determine the temperature at which an e-cigarette works depending on the heating resistance, the size of the venting hole, and also the voltage of the battery. The standard range for vaporizing juice can vary between 190°-250 °C.

 E cigarette Safety and Side Effects

*E-cigarette is a wholesome product for enjoying tobacco-free smoking. It is a perfectly risk-free substitute that is far simpler than tobacco cigarettes and is less addictive.

*E-cigarettes do not burn tobacco and produce a small fraction of harmless chemicals whereas the smoke from regular cigarettes burns tobacco and releases almost 7000 deadly toxic chemicals which can lead to some major health complications.

*Chain smokers who have transitioned into vaping have shown an exceptional increase in pulmonary health. The lung capacity has drastically increased and the risks of contracting cancer are greatly decreased.

* Cigarette smoking has been known to cause smokers with various periodontal(gum) diseases which are quite detrimental and unattractive. Vaping has no such harmful effects on dental health and does not leave the mouth with an unappealing odor.

* The e-juices for vaping are made with vegetable flavorings such as vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. These flavorings are harmless and are certified for human consumption. Consumption, as in inhaling the vapor.

Choosing the Best e cigarettes

Currently, there is a colossal collection of varied e-cigarettes available in the market. Before purchasing make sure to find an authentic dealer and find a device that suits your budget, ease of use, and device quality. 


Pods are compact, sleek, and stylish devices that are available for users who want a much more powerful experience than just a normal e-cigarette. They are the best devices for using nic salts.

Some of the most sought-after pods in the market are Advken Wanderlust Lite, Apple peach-Killa Fruits and from the crowd puller varieties of the Myle collection such as Iced apple Mango by Myle V4, Iced Mint by Myle V4, and Iced Quad Berry by Myle V4.


Tanks are box-shaped vaping systems that have superior performance and produce thicker smoke clouds. Some famous tank systems are Hellvape Passage and Vandy Vape Pyro V3.    

Vape Pens:

Vape Pens are the first modern vaping devices and with their creation came along a new term which is obviously “e-cigarettes”. Now they are available in different variants with varying specifications. PS Innovator and Asvape Hita are the two leading vape pens among various others.

Lead an healthy smoke-free life

There are plenty of e-cigarette brands and devices out there for anyone with varied requirements and it will be ideal for smokers to switch to e-cigarettes and lead a much healthier and happy life.

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